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Why ADHD Coaching is Worth Your Time!

August 22, 2018


What is ADHD coaching?

When you hear the word “coach”, you may think of a sporting team leader who provides players with constructive input that will help the team achieve success. An ADHD coach works in a similar way. An ADHD coach is someone who helps a client identify unhelpful habits and challenging obstacles that are making it difficult to reach goals. For example, an ADHD coach would help a client identify what unhelpful habits are contributing to the consistent late submission of assignments. ADHD coaching does not stop there. After helping to identifying these unhelpful habits and/or challenges, the ADHD coach helps the client learn new techniques, strategies, interventions, and tools that will help achieve goals. Reporting setbacks and successes to your ADHD coach helps establish accountability, and helps identify personal motivations. Most importantly, ADHD coaching begins, continues, and ends on your terms!


How do I know If ADHD coaching is for me or my child?

With the new school year beginning, it is important to have your child begin on the right foot. What were some of his/her struggles during the last academic year? Did you child experience difficulty remaining on task with school assignments, due dates, extracurricular activities, and home responsibilities? Were subject books forgotten in the classroom, or did that school planner seem to get lost one too many times? These daily difficulties are common amongst students with ADHD. ADHD coaching is designed to help instances just like these and more.


Adult Coaching

As an adult with ADHD, you may be experiencing difficulty managing your family’s calendar, staying organized with work and personal responsibilities, completing tasks or projects, etc. Again, ADHD coaching can help teach you skills and techniques that will help you work through these daily situations.

Each day is a new opportunity to work towards goals and become better versions of ourselves. It is okay to “fall off the tracks” here and there, but maybe ADHD coaching could be the push you are looking for to help you and/or your child remain on a steady incline towards organization, motivation, and reaching personal goals!


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