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How Strong is Your Child's 504 Plan?

August 15, 2018

Hi there parents!
School is just around the corner, which means now is the time to ensure your child's 504 Plan is just as ready to meet the ADHD accommodations of your child as you are. No matter what grade your child is in, he/she is entitled to a positive learning environment that is best suited for them. It is important to know which ADHD accommodations are available and put into place so your busy bee can start the new school year off strong!
Staying focused on a lesson or assignment may be a difficult task for someone with ADHD, especially when there are multiple distractions around. Is your child sitting in the front of the classroom, near the teacher? Placing your child near the front of the classroom may help eliminate distractions and keep your child engaged in learning. 
Have you noticed your child struggling to ultimately complete a given task, such as an assignment, book, or homework sheet? Allowing extra time to complete an assignment, providing oral instructions additional to written instructions, and breaking down a larger assignment into smaller increments may help improve successful task completion and positive grade performance. 
If your child is constantly "on the go", fidgeting, or needing to move, sitting in the classroom for extended periods of time may provoke extra restlessness. Have you spoke to your child's teacher about assigning your child special classroom roles, such as handing out papers, cleaning desks, sharpening pencils, etc.? Encourage him/her to hold a fidget toy, play with a paper clip, or doodle on the side of his/her paper. When your child gets home from school, consider allowing a designated period of play before refocusing for homework time. 
Organize, organize, organize! Staying organized and establishing goals are important skills to help encourage in your child. You can do this by helping them keep a steady and organized planner, creating "to-do" lists, eliminating papers/assignments in their book bag that are no longer relevant, as well as notifying your child and getting started well in advance of upcoming assignments. 
A new school year is a new opportunity to help your child begin on the right foot. Effective communication with your child and your child's teacher is a great way to understand your child's presenting needs and the best route to assist those needs. Wishing everyone a positive new school year!



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