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The ADHD Center of the Hudson Valley was created out of the obvious need for services for adults and children experiencing the symptoms of ADHD in the community. The ADHD Center of the Hudson Valley offers a variety of collaborative services that provide patients with diagnosis, assessment, treatment options and resources. The goal of the Center is to greatly improve the lives of those suffering from the symptoms of ADHD as well as their family members.


The ADHD Center of the Hudson Valley believes in a positive approach to the treatment of ADHD that centers on the strengths and resiliency of patients who experience these symptoms that others label “disordered.”  Our professionally trained clinicians work with family to provide treatment that focuses on the benefits of diagnosis, while assisting to help with the additional symptoms that often cause distress and confusion.


The ADHD Center of the Hudson Valley provides comprehensive diagnosis and assessment through subjective interviews and surveys as well as objective computer testing.  They also provide therapeutic treatments (CBT and mindfulness), educational resources, coaching and advocacy, parent training, and medication management education and referrals.  Overall, the ADHD Center for the Hudson Valley helps families in the Hudson Valley to navigate the confusing road to appropriate diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.  Through collaboration with schools, psychiatrists and primary care physicians, we assure that everyone is on the same page.  Our goal is a successful treatment plan that is quickly and efficiently put in place. 


Research is now stating that early detection and treatment of ADHD is critical to the success of those affected with the symptoms.  A comprehensive assessment and diagnosis should not be an additional stressor.  There are strengths in ADHD and often patients report that a diagnosis has opened new, positive opportunities and understanding.  The ADHD Center of the Hudson Valley can guide you on this path to success!